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Submitted on
July 28, 2008
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You ripped the tongue out my mouth
You cowered
Replaced it with fire shower,

You came hissing your depraved war cries
Faces drawn like a slave to your lies;
Under the dark
Shaking your champagne bottles
You sprayed your froth- throttled
Me out of spark.

Gathered up my rivers
Under fetters.
In pitch darkness
Starved my sun’s brightness.

Pulled out of my landscape
Like a picked-clean bone;
Cornered with no escape,
I died in numbers unknown.

You popped corks loud enough
To drown songs of my youth.

But your fire
Could only lick my feet;
I climbed out of the mire,
To lend fire to your funeral pyre.

In time I found and held a handle,
And blew out my first birthday candle.
Operation Searchlight was a planned military pacification carried out by the Pakistan Army to stifle the Bengali nationalist movement in Bangladesh, then East Pakistan, in the March of 1971. The plan was to take control of the major cities on 26th March, and then eliminating all opposition, political or military, within one month.

The prolonged Bengali resistance was not anticipated by the Pakistani Army. The main phase of Operation Searchlight ended with the fall of the last major town in Bengali hands in mid May.

This operation began what is known in the western world as the 1971 Bangladesh atrocities. This systematic killing of Bangladeshis only served to fuel their rage which ultimately resulted in the secession of East Pakistan later in the same year. By the end of the War of Liberation, in the space of a short nine months, 3, 000, 000 Bangladeshis were murdered, and 200,000 Bangladeshi women were raped. Trials of war criminals still continue today, and most are still at large.

In 16th December, 1971, the Pakistani Army unconditionally surrendered to the joint command of the Indian Army and the Mukti Bahini (combined forces of the Bangladeshi Army and local militia).

Full name of the poem is Operation Searchlight: Birth Of A Nation.
I hope that brief note helps.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2008-08-03
The suggestor describes Operation Searchlight by ~K-Sajid as "a very moving and emotional portrayal of a struggle towards freedom. It brings to light a very obscure part of history for most of us." She adds: "I think the ending specially is masterfully done; there's hope, there's a happy ending, but there's also the hint at what was paid for that happy ending." ( Suggested by Nymphrodite and Featured by lovetodeviate )
Sam-AutumnLeaf Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2011
It was one of the worst things Pakistan ever did, we'll always be guilty of that. As for your poem, its sad but I love how it captures the scenario and feelings both, esp love the last lines! Good job :)
PureMind Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2009
It was one of the worst tragedies and cruelties in South Asia as brother turned against brother in a cataclysm of greed, arrogance and insolence. Pakistan owes its existence to the freedom fighters of Bangladesh who spearheaded the independence struggle. I still feel uncomfortable around my Bangladeshi friends in Italy, not because they're bad people, quiet the contrary, but because i'm too politically aware for my own good and cant help feel guilty for the sins of the nation i grew up in...i guess i now feel how the Germans feel about the Nazis.

Im glad someone wrote a poem about this, this shouldn't be forgotten.

If your interested in this subject, read "Witness to Surrender"...
K-Sajid Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2009
I hope this poem doesn't make you feel guilty because that was not the aim. It was to show the crimes that the previous generations committed, and that too a small fraction. You have no reason to feel guilty, but being politically conscious is a good thing =) I've come across ignorant Pakistanis before who completely deny a lot of what's considered factual.
And I'm always very interested in the subject, tell me more about Witness to Surrender, I haven't heard about it before. And thanks for reading it and the thoughtful comment on it. =)
PureMind Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2009
Witness to Surrender is by Siddiq Salik and tells us his first hand account of the events in Bangladesh during 1971, the atrocities committed against West Pakistanis and East Pakistanis alike...there are some very serious theories in the book which ill discuss with you someday if you like, like Bhutto's attempts to weaken West Pakistan in the war, the armys deliberate targetting of bangladeshi intelligentsia to weaken the future of the nation, the West pakistan airforce and navy's opposition to East Pakistan's suppression...but for now,good poem and hope you write more soon :)
K-Sajid Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2009
Thanks =) And yeah we should discuss this more someday. I do know about most of the details about this war, from many different accounts (my grandfather was in the army and trained the local militia; my mother and her family had to run away to India because they were targeted by the Pakistani army). And my paternal grandfather would count as a part of the intelligentsia so I've heard a lot about him as well, all though I've never met the man. I just wish to learn more about the exact military strategies and tactics, and other details. I'll look for the book, thanks for the recommendation =)
Shehtaz Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2008
'Starved the sun's brightness'
This poem hit me right between the eyes. Well done. Unlike the other Liberation War-themed poems I read, this one does not reek of sappiness.
K-Sajid Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2008
Plenty of sappiness in my gallery if you would only look for it :lol:

Thank you =)
dickllikwid Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2008
This is magnificent
K-Sajid Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2008
Thank you.
hashala0412 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2008
that was great!
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